We made the mistake of leaking the news to Auggie that we would be going to the zoo the very next day. He had so many questions and was full of excitement that kept him awake past his bed time late Sunday night. When Monday rolled around, I heard Auggie's feet hit the floor and the very first words out of his mouth in ecxitement was, "It's zoo day!". We ate breakfast, got dressed, hopped in the van and on our way we went! Items in Auggie's backpack included a map of the zoo, binoculars, snacks, water bottle, mask and an etch-a-sketch for the car ride.

We were about 15 minutes on the road before I realized I had left my phone sitting on the charger at home. I was a little bummed at first, but realized I had my camera with me to capture any special moments. Without my phone I wasn't as distracted throughout the day and was able to be fully present. I might forget my phone more often! 

The joy that I saw on Auggie's face throughout the day was the best thing ever! His smile, laughter and curiosity was infections! Him and Gabe stopped several times to study the zoo map and made sure I knew where we were going next! A few of Auggie's favorite things throughout the day included stretching his arms as wide as possible to compare with the giant wing span of a condor (and dad), seeing the monkeys, giraffes, red pandas, African wild dogs, cheetah's and so many other fun animals. At the end of the whole tour, Micah (2 months old) finally woke up, yes he slept the entire time and Gabe took Auggie to the zoo shop for a souvenir. Any guesses on what he picked from the gift shop?? A stuffed animal? A fun water bottle? Nope. A rubber snake that was about 3 feet long! Did we see snakes at the zoo? Nope! haha 

We plan on visiting the Oregon Zoo again soon and hope to bring more friends and family along for the adventure!