My name is Brittany Buhler and I reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I grew up in Oregon's Willamette Valley and currently call the town of Harrisburg, Oregon my home. It's a wonderful spot where the local river runs nearby and the green trees of the riverbottom provide shade throughout the year.   

Graduating seniors, proposals, engagement, wedding day, maternity, family photos are what I generally take photos of, but if you have other ideas for a photoshoot feel free to reach out! Other than taking pictures, I enjoy many things like riding bikes (road + mountain), drinking coffee, being with family, playing volleyball, eating burritos, singing, serving at church, hiking, mission trips, and chocolate peanut butter milkshakes.

On November 23, 2013 I married my husband Gabe and started another chapter in our story. Our roots are deep at Harrisburg Christian Church and together we serve the Youth of our congregation (6th Grade through "Twenty-somethings"). We welcomed our son, August James Buhler (“Auggie”) into our family on Nov. 16, 2017 and Micah William Buhler on December 28, 2020. I can't forget to mention our 7 year old Golden Retriever, Ellie. She's a character for sure! We are grateful to be surrounded by much of our immediate family as well as our friends and church family.

A little snapshot that sparked my interest in taking pictures:
In 2011, our church youth group embarked on a two week mission trip to Rosarito, Mexico. While we were there we built a house for a family in need and not only brought joy and hope, but also the security of a permanent address. There was a moment in the middle of our week-long build where I looked up after hammering a nail and saw the father of the family holding his 4 month old son and observing our group of builders. 

The sound of hammers banging, friendly banter, buzzing hand saws, and measuring tapes snapping shut became background noise. Patiently awaiting his new home with glossy, grateful eyes he took a deep breath of gratitude and smiled. My heart was filled with such gladness and I found myself wishing my hammer was a camera so that I could capture that moment forever.
Since then, I’ve been keen on watching for meaningful moments everyday.

Photo: 2011 Rosarito, Mexico

I would love to partner with you during the most meaninful moments of your life and capture memories that can be shared for a lifetime. 

Thanks for visiting! I'm looking forward to meeting you and capturing your love story!